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Everything you need to know about Testogen (purchase, price, reviews, dosage)

Testogen is, above all, a food supplement formulated to increase testosterone levels, a male hormone whose availability in the body tends to decrease with age. While its peaks at puberty, testosterone decline as time go on. As a rough guide, researchers estimate that testosterone levels are about 900 ng/dL at age 20, drop to 800 ng/dL at age 30, drop to 550 ng/dL by age 40, drop to 350 ng/dL at age 50, drop to 300 ng/dL at age 60, and are only 200ng/dL by age 70. Low testosterone levels in the body are associated with a noticeable loss of performance. In addition:

  • The lack of competitiveness even in basic situations, both at work and play;
  • Lack of motivation, weariness, susceptibility, and depression;
  • Decreasing the intensity or duration of workouts and other physical exercises;
  • Weight gaining;
  • And libido problems.

With Testogen, it is possible to remedy the continuous decline of your testosterone level due to aging, as well as all the dysfunctions that are attributable to it.

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Testogen, a natural and safe testosterone booster, contains 11 Testogen ingredients

We guarantee that the Testogen food supplement stimulates the endogenous production of testosterone. It owes its effectiveness to the action of each of its eleven testogen ingredients. Our regular users have noticed that the manufacturer has not skimped on the means. It has strengthened the formulation of the testosterone booster, Testogen. Eleven testogen ingredients combine their respective virtues to give you all the results you want. We review them so that you are at the same level of information as we are.


1- Boron

Boron is available in vegetables, fruits, and soil. According to the researchers, a tiny amount of this trace element is enough to significantly increase testosterone levels. Body-building men took boron supplements for seven weeks. The latter saw their testosterone levels rise significantly, unlike those who used a placebo instead. 

2- Extract of nettle leaves to release testosterone

The extract of nettle leaves helps to increase testosterone levels. In the blood, most testosterone molecules circulate by being bound or carried by proteins called SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin). This binding makes them almost ineffective. The molecules of the nettle extract release the testosterone molecules by taking their place with the SHGB proteins.

3- Magnesium

Researchers believe that the vast majority of adults do not consume enough magnesium. However, this nutrient promotes sleep, which is highly beneficial to the production of testosterone. For this reason, the manufacturer, in the concern of better testosterone production, has incorporated relatively important quantities in the new formula of Testogen. In a study, 750 mg was administered daily to men for 4 weeks. As a result, their testosterone levels increased by 26%.

4- Vitamin D

Researchers believe that there is a strong correlation between the bioavailability of vitamin D and testosterone levels in men. Increasing the amount of vitamin D in the body is beneficial to increasing testosterone levels. Testogen’s manufacturer uses cholecalciferol or vitamin D3, not only to limit estrogen levels but also and especially to boost free testosterone levels. Vitamin D is most useful in the presence of vitamin K1, boron, and magnesium which, fortunately, are all found in the Testogen formula.

5- Vitamin K1

In addition to its essential role in bone strength and health, vitamin K1 is highly useful in the formulation of Testogen in that it facilitates the absorption of vitamin D, thus contributing to the effectiveness of the supplement.

6- Vitamine B6

The researchers are agreed: a deficiency in vitamin B6 induces a low level of testosterone in the blood and an increase in the bioavailability of estrogens; on the contrary, an increase in vitamin B6 is associated with a significant increase in free testosterone. Besides this major utility, vitamin B6 fights irritability and fatigue and intervening in more than a hundred reactions.

7- Bioperine

Bioperine is a substance extracted from black pepper. Non-irritant is known to facilitate digestion. Its inclusion in the Testogen formulation is justified by its major role in the bioavailability of the other testogen ingredients contained in the supplement. 

8- The Extract of Fenugreek

Fenugreek is an aromatic plant from the Fabaceae family that stimulates testosterone and promotes libido, which justifies its presence in the TestoGen formulation. It also helps in the development of muscles by promoting the increase of insulin. It helps to give you vitality, endurance, and strength. Because of its anti-oxidant virtues, fenugreek extract helps the body to function properly by fighting free radicals.

9- D-aspartic Acid

Aspartic acid is one of the two types of aspartic amino acids (the other being L-aspartic acid). It is found in the testicles, pineal gland, and pituitary gland. Research indicates that it helps in the production of hormones, including gonadotropin and luteinizing hormone. It also stimulated the secretion of testosterone and contributes to the development of muscle mass, as well as increasing the strength and endurance of athletes.

10- Zinc

It is also known as a testosterone booster. Its regular intake in athletes is necessary because it is easily eliminated in sweat.

11- The Extract of Red Ginseng

We extract the red ginseng from the roots of the plant. Among other things, it provides a general feeling of well-being and contributes to the good health of the testicles.


Dosage for TestoGen

Each package of Testogen sold on the manufacturer’s website (click here for website) contains 120 capsules. The dosage consists of taking one capsule four times a day and space out the doses. On this basis, a box of Testogen allows following a 30 days cure.


Opinions on Effectiveness

The benefits of Testogen are known to be an effective testosterone booster. First results may appear for some users after 30 days of use. But, we don’t all react the same way. For other users, the beneficial effects may be visible after a longer period. However, in most cases, the effectiveness of the testosterone booster is noticeable after 2 to 3 months of use.


Potential Side Effects

Generally, it is said that Testogen is free of side effects due to its ingredients’ 100% natural nature. This is not relevant because being born is not synonymous with being safe. Instead, it is worth noting that no side effects have been reported to date among testogen users.


Testogen Prices, Purchase and Delivery

Where to buy Testogen ?

You can buy Testogen on the official website of the manufacturer. ✔✔Official Website✔✔

We advise you not to be deceived by dubious sellers who, taking advantage of the dazzling success of this supplement, try to fraudulently sell counterfeit products.


After the payment is made and the order is validated on the manufacturer’s website, the delivery of Testogen is made in the shortest possible time to the address indicated by the customer. You can expect to receive your product within 24 to 48 hours after your payment. You will receive your package in between 3 and 7 business days.


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