The True Crime miniseries “The Serpent” is currently the Netflix hit par excellence. The story revolves around the “Bikini Killer” Charles Sobhraj, who murdered Western tourists in Thailand in the 1970s. We don’t want to spoil anything about the story here, but we do want to cover another aspect: The Fashion!

Ever since Marie-Andrée aka Monique, played by actress Jenna Coleman, started showing up in our living rooms in the evening in her seventies outfits, we’ve been thrilled by the retro looks, which are conveniently experiencing a retro revival right now anyway. We’ve analyzed all the key pieces around the series’ style for you. Plus: the best styling tricks.


Sure, in the seventies nothing went without oversized shades! Especially angular shapes with brown tinted lenses are used here.

Just like big aviator glasses – with gold frames, of course! And they don’t just go with Seventies-inspired pieces, but also go wonderfully with simple jeans and t-shirt looks… Tip: The coolest models are, of course, the luxury labels Dior and Loewe, but now you can also find them at cheaper brands and the big chains!


Slim-fitting blazers and bell-bottomed pants, preferably with pleats and patch pockets, make up this trend. You can be bold with the colors, Gucci shows it with apple green! And even patterns work with this suit cut. Style tops with spaghetti straps or blouses with pointed collars with it.


A kimono is the perfect summer all-rounder! The pieces always make a statement, go with simple looks and simply enhance everything. Best of: Just wear it over a bikini or swimsuit at the beach. Tip: Look around in thrift stores, there are inexpensive models that are still unique. And vintage shopping is more sustainable on top.

Caftan dress

Marie-Andrée Leclerc practically lives in it in the series! She wears mainly print versions or white caftan dresses. Here you can quietly take a size larger, the airier, the more comfortable and casual the look. Natural materials like cotton or silk provide additional comfort. Go with clogs or braided flats.


Yes, it is so far! The skinny jeans we leave this year in the closet, now come (wide) flared cuts back! The higher the waistband, the better. Besides Marie-Andrée, Charles and his accomplice Ajay also wear them in the series. By the way, the pants visually lengthen the legs if you buy them longer and wear them with platform heels.