Losing weight is not as complicated as it is often made out to be. It works whenever you have a calorie deficit. This means that you consume more calories throughout the day than you take in through food and fluids.

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Long-term weight loss with diets: Can it work?

Most diets only work as long as you stick with them. The problem is that you won’t stick with a diet for more than a few months. Even worse, with many diets you don’t eat a balanced diet. If you’re in a calorie deficit, don’t exercise, and don’t eat much protein, your body not only breaks down fat, but muscle as well.

Muscle is important for your calorie consumption. If your body breaks down muscle, your calorie needs will also decrease. Your calorie deficit will decrease and get closer and closer to your calorie needs. This is the point at which you feel that the diet just isn’t working anymore.

The yo-yo effect: If you give up now in frustration and then fall back into your old eating habits, the yo-yo effect will occur. You eat again like before, but now you have less muscle mass and therefore still a lower calorie consumption than before. You even gain more weight than before.

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Sport and training

With sports and training you increase your calorie consumption per day. For example, a 75 kg, 1.75 m tall and 30 years old man consumes about 660 calories per kilometer in one hour of jogging at a speed of 6 minutes. That’s almost as much as eating a kebab. Depending on your age, height, weight and gender, your calorie consumption may vary.

If you also increase the speed, your calorie consumption will increase even more. If the same person runs at a speed of 5 minutes per kilometer, he already consumes 808 calories in one hour.

Another advantage is that through sports and training you strengthen your muscles. Stronger muscles ensure that you also consume more calories in your everyday life.

Bring more movement into your everyday life

You can increase your calorie consumption even without sports and training by simply bringing more movement into your everyday life. Ride your bike to work or to the supermarket. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and go for a walk during your lunch break. This way, you’ll get your circulation going and burn more calories in the process.

Drink enough water

We always emphasize that you should drink enough water. Not only because it is important for your health and most of your body functions, but also because it helps you lose weight. In a 2007 study, it was found that you consume about 24% more calories in an hour after drinking 500 ml of water.