Thursday, May 19th, 2022

May is just around the corner: You can use the energy of the merry month, which gives hope for warmer temperatures and lots of sun, for these five things that will make you feel better immediately – I promise!

The sun is shining, the temperature on the thermometer is climbing and the plants are showing their colorful flowers – May at last!

But what would a new month be without the right goals and plans? Are you motivated? Then take on these five things that you want to accomplish in May.

1. Create order on the cell phone

Who hasn’t experienced it: You’re in a beautiful place and want to capture the memory with your cell phone. Dozens of pictures quickly accumulate on the phone – and you have long since lost track of them.

It’s time for spring cleaning not only in your household, but also on your cell phone. Use May to clean up your picture gallery and sort all the pictures into folders.

You will notice that you rediscover many memory images that you have long forgotten. Especially in the corona crisis, they can give you strength and joy to get through these difficult times.

2. Off to the strawberry field

Die Erdbeeren aus dem Supermarkt schmecken gut, doch hast du schon einmal deine eigenen Erdbeeren gepflückt? Ein Ausflug auf das Erdbeerfeld ist das perfekte Ziel im Mai.

Whether alone or with a partner – equipped with a basket you can harvest your own strawberries and enjoy bright colors of the field.

And after all the work you can be proud and enjoy your self-picked strawberries.

3. Fit with planks

Gyms remain closed and community sports are also limited – but that doesn’t stop ironclad athletes from staying active in the comfort of their own homes.

To keep your entire body fit, one exercise is a must: the good old planks. They work all the muscles of your body and set new stimuli in the musculature. You don’t need much time or equipment to perform them.

So: In May, make a resolution to regularly integrate planks into your daily routine. Test how long you can stay in a plank and increase by a few seconds every day.

You’ll notice how you gain more control over your body and muscles every day – so: Challenge accepted.

4. Barefoot through may

Whether in the sand, in the grass or on the warm asphalt – the beautiful weather literally invites you to put aside your socks and shoes. So take advantage of May and try to walk barefoot as often as possible.

Your feet will thank you for it, because your body can correct small misalignments that you hardly notice yourself. In addition, your feet will feel much lighter – you will feel it!

During this time, you need to take special care of your feet. Foot creams keep your skin supple and support regeneration.

Important: You should not remove calluses, because they protect your feet from external influences.

5. Become a hummus professional

Creamy, velvety and irresistibly delicious, that’s how many people love hummus. So it’s no wonder that the oriental spread has been given its own holiday.

On May 14, International Hummus Day, you can take the opportunity to make your own hummus. It’s very easy and tastes great with couscous, falafel and vegetable sticks.

The base is always the same: chickpeas, tahini and lemon juice. Then you can vary with spinach, tomatoes or other ingredients.


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