Welcome to Ibrahim Nawaf Joharji Architectural Consultants

One of the Remarkable Architectural Consultants in design and Planning, Engineering supervision for building construction work, Project management for construction and the Interior design of “specific project” in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Architectural Office is considered one of the most architectural designers in the field of organic architecture , involved in the field of architectural competitions, scientific research and architectural research. The office presented numerous architectural designs that won international architectural awards in architectural competitions in the field of organic architecture.

When pioneering and experience meet together in one person where the unique personal touch, structural simplicity and a sense of voguish can be obtained accurately.

Ibrahim Nawaf Joharji the founder of (INJ Architecture)

  • Excellent qualifications B.Sc Arch, M. Sc PMP, Industrial Experience spanning over 12 years.
  • Experienced Engineering Consultant.
  • An expert in Designing and Planning the professional spaces.
  • Great appraiser in the field of real estate.
  • Having an International Arbitration Diploma and an Environmental Safety Assessment.
  • Having an International Arbitration Diploma and an Environmental Safety Assessment.



INJ Architecture in lines:

  • A trusted architectural company in Saudi Arabia.
  • Suitable and Special workplace.
  • Creative environment for team work.
  • Experts & Highly Experienced Civil Engineers and Consultants.
  • Spanning expert flourishing existing architecture to life.


Architectural design Service Reflect Idealism in INJ Architecture:

Generally, architectural design is a crucial phase before bringing the ideas to reality.


It is a discipline that focuses on meeting the required needs to create smart solutions using certain tools, especially creativity drawings and sketches.


In other words, architecture is a combination of technology, mathematics and aesthetics to create the fine art which is called architecture.


INJ Architecture’s Goals:

  • Believing in beauty, truth and goodness encourages us to create a fine art of a sensitive architecture through a   continuous dialogue between the designer and the typical drawings plans.
  • Conducting architectural researches and architectural analysis to meet the customers’needs daily.
  • Ensuring a flexible workspace that refreshes the world of work.

In a nutshell, Ibrahim Nawaf Joharji Architecture’s Office (INJ Architecture) believes that the perfect architecture’s the one that complements and enriches the mood of a place, like the sound of tidal water complements the mood of a coastal resort.

INJ Architecture is acting as a platform where you can explore and learn about new and various schools, a wide spectrum that includes things like the latest fence designs and innovative ideas for structuring and furnishing a basement bar.


Our Goal is to Deliver your Dream.